Sleep and be healthy

 Sleep and be healthy

February 8, 2021 Health and Wellness Tips 0

Work at home has made everyone’s life different. It made us lazy, we started thinking that working in pajamas is cool and easy. The best part of going to work in my life was thinking about coming back home each day. The Covid period gave us an experience which we never had gone through. We changed our lifestyles, job styles everything changed. Time and space became tangible and the routines started to shift the order. Skipping food and binge eating became common. People started to be lazier. And it was every time Netflix and amazon premiere winning over our sleep and sweet dreams. 

When work from home became work from bed….

It was once my dream to have my breakfast in bed and work in the comfort of my home. And I thought it will remain as a dream. But Covid made my dream come true and in one month I realized that it turned into a curse. The problems I faced when my bed became my office were thousand and many. My office didn’t give me a comfortable chair to work in nor do I thought of getting one. It was my love of bed that made me work, eat and lie there. But the one thing I missed was sleep. I was taking naps for sure. But I missed my sleep and I continue to miss the same. My brain has reprogrammed making my mind think that the bed is no longer the bed but it is my working place. My biological clock has stopped ticking my sleep time. So I started to sleep untimely which again made the situation worse.

I wanted to change, change my work habits, I was desperately feeling to go back to work. I was living healthy then though I was stressing out a lot. I started to find my solutions. I wanted a routine a healthy routine. The proverb health is lost everything is lost ringed in my ears often. I started to create a plan. It was difficult. To form a habit takes a minimum of 7 weeks, but to undo and is pathetic, I was sure that am going to fail. But I decided to win over sooner or later.

Being healthy is not about eating the right nutrients and doing exercises. Sleep is the one thing that makes us feel relaxed and help us lead an entertaining life when we work and stress a lot. It is one thing that we take for granted. It is really important to know about the ill effects of sleep disorders rather than knowing the importance of sleep. There are a few techniques which will help you to get good sleep.

The early bird catches the prey

Wake up early…To wake up early; sleep earlier. Someone who sleeps enough and starts to work early will have more potential benefits. It has been harped on me right from my childhood. It was a habit once which changed when life started busier. Inadequate sleep affects your performance. When we are bound to follow a delayed schedule, we fail to follow this and later take it as a fate that is sealed forever. The first thing I did was rescheduling my works. I started earlier so I finished earlier. It took almost 2 weeks to get up early. I was drooping in my bed on the first week. Once the alarm shouted I pulled myself outside the room. It was a struggle seeing the bed and making myself away from it.

Think What You Drink

Fizzy and sugary drinks were a craze for me during the period. I wanted to refresh myself with the sparkle and flavor always. Drinking plain water was a no-no to me. It made me nauseating. I always stock it up because I believed the way to make myself refresh is to drink some beverage. It wasn’t fair play always. I cheated myself often but slowly I started liking water infused with lime and cucumber. Drinking infused with herbs is a tasty way to hydrate yourself. It is much smarter too. Believe me, it made me relax.. no bloating.. no headaches.

Keep your mobile away 

I always kept my mobile near to my bed. I wished or wanted to look at it till I fell asleep. The first thing I did every morning was looking other’s statuses and profile photos on social media. This was the normal schedule. But this ruined my sleep. My brain got stimulated whenever I scrolled social media. And then going back to sleep was a struggle and every time it was me who won—not sleep. So I banished mobile phone from my bedroom. It was a terrible time. I felt as if am widowed to my mobile. But I somehow kept my hold. It took almost 3 months to make my mind ok with our separation. Though I couldn’t stop checking my mobile once I woke up.                                                       

Hear music

Hearing soothing music before going to bed helps you to sleep well. The brain will take the sound signals and get triggered to regulate hormones. Hearing music reduces the production of cortisol. Music helps in releasing the happy hormone-dopamine. Music helps your mind to get distracted from sad and disturbing thoughts. Make a sleep routine with melodious neutral and positive music. Be careful with headphones. It’s always good to keep a small stereo near you. Adjust a volume that your ears are happy to bear.

No caffeine

Caffeine is a natural stimulant. It alerts your body and makes it hard for you to your sleep. If you are a regular coffee drinker, try to cut down the amount of caffeine. It affects the biological clock of your body and makes the brain give your body false information and make you alert. Many people who stay late-night consume caffeinated drinks to stay alert and active.

Focus on lifestyle diseases

When you restrict your sleep for your personal and professional goals, you are giving a chance for lifestyle diseases to flourish. common modern-day cravings have made us prone to lifestyle diseases. It includes insomnia, obesity, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes etc. Lack of sleep regularly develops the risk of diseases. Nowhere at this point, we cannot find out whether sleep deprivation causes lifestyle or lifestyle diseases causes sleep deprivation.

Better bedroom ideas

Our sleep space should not be bothered by any noise, bright lights, and unnecessary furniture. The bedroom is one space that should stand out rather than other spaces. Never take your work into the bedroom. Consider it as a haven for you. Leave all tensions out of the room and step inside. Never take naps in the bedroom. Say no to electrical gadgets. keep some fragrance in your bedroom. Keep the environment calm and cool. Nevermore dump your clothes and accessories in your bedroom. Get it painted with a neutral or pastel color. Invest in your mattress, bedspreads, and pillows. Save your bedroom for sleep and sex.

If you are a person ok to work from your bed and still not countered with any health issues you are lucky. But do not take it for granted. The strains will reach you slowly. So it is better to have a separate workspace at home if you care about your health. 

Better sleep, better health

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