Common Health Problems among Adolescents and Preventive Measures

Common Health Problems among Adolescents and Preventive Measures

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Everyone will have health problems in their life. The period of adolescence is where the transition from childhood to adulthood takes place. During this transition period, the human body is subjected to various biological changes. The growth of a child into an adult will be affected by social, cultural, and biological factors. The majority of emerging adults face nutritional disorders. In the following passages, we will discuss the common health problems in teenagers and the preventive measures to control them.

Common Health Problems among Teenagers

Teenagers undergo various health issues both mentally and physically during the adolescent period. The reason for these health problems is the lack of proper nutrition. Most teenagers fail to take food. Even if they have food, they prefer fast foods and junk foods. When the teenager consumes these foods, it will bring numerous health problems among teenagers. It will cause obesity and it leads to stress followed by depression.

Mental Health

According to World Health Organization, depression is the third most terrific problem that causes disability and illness among teenagers. Mental health can be disturbed by numerous factors that include fear, anxiety, and depression. Involving in violence and underestimation of oneself is the root cause of many mental health problems. It is proved in a survey that suicide is committed mostly by people who are 15-19 years of age. This is because teenagers don’t have the mental stability to deal with problems. Mostly, they will get stressed and fearful if there is arises a problem. Besides, the fear of being scolded by parents when they reveal any problem to them is another reason that increases their stress further. Almost half of the mental health disorder and the mental disturbance is started by the age of 14. The parents need to have an eye on the teenage son or daughter and if there is any slight change in their behavior is noticed by the parent, it is essential to have a talk with their child and let them express what they feel. If the parent and children talk is more friendly, the children will more confidently share their confusions and problems with their parents. It is the role of the parent to take good care of their children’s behavior and should be very precise in detecting the sudden changes in their behavior and let them travel on the right path.


Globally, engaging in various violent activities by teenagers causes numerous deaths among adolescents. Almost every teenager would have gone through bullying at a particular period. But not everyone is becoming depressed. Emotionally weak teenagers will never take bullying as a normal thing faced by everyone. They consider it a huge problem and keep on thinking about that again and again. It will lead to severe stress and gradually stress leads to depression. In a depressed state, there are possibilities that the person been bullied will start to develop an inferiority complex and they will keep underestimate themselves. This is where the problem arises. In a complete state of depression, the teenager will never know what he is doing. When the bullying is done to the extreme level of personally affecting the private life of a specific person, it will have a clear scar in the minds of the person been bullied. When the depression is at its peak, the person will finally tend to commit suicide. This is how a little bullying affects the life of an emotionally weak person. It is better to avoid such harsh bullying among the peer groups.

Addiction to alcohol and other drugs

Adolescence is the period where the curiosity to know things is at its peak. Under such curiosity, the habit of consuming liquor and other drugs is gradually developed by teenagers. When the consumption of alcohol is done on a trial-and-error basis, and it doesn’t continue in the following days is completely fine. But, on the contrary, if the teenager gets addicted to those liquors and drugs, then there is no coming back from the addiction. Though many rehabilitation centers are available to give counseling to alcoholics and drug addicts, the decision to leave that habit is in the hands of the person who seeks counseling. It is important to advise young adults to have control over everything they do. If they have self-control, they will not get into any addiction. Above all, the prevention of alcohol from the hands of teenagers will be highly effective.

Malnutrition and Obesity

Nutritional deficiency is the major problem among most teenagers. In most developing countries both teenage boys and girls are suffering from nutritional deficiency. Either they have lack nutrients or they suffer from obesity. In both cases, the risk factor is high. It is important to maintain a proper diet and developing a good food habit. Without proper food intake, there will be no strength among the people. It is important to do exercises to maintain physical health. Fitness is the major factor that every teenager focuses on. If a teenager is physically fit, it will provide physical strength. Unlike mental strength, physical strength plays a major part in the healthy state of a teenager.

Teenage Pregnancy

WHO states that most girls of 15-19 ages die due to teenage pregnancy and becoming a mother at quite an early age? When a girl is married before 18 years of age, there are higher complications during childbirth. The teenage girl will never have the strength to tolerate the extreme pain during childbirth. If the mother is not stronger enough, then it causes greater complications to both mother and child. Many teenage girls die due to early childbirth. To reduce the death rate of teenage girls, it is ordered to marry a girl only when she is 18 years old. After 18 years of age, the girl will have enough maturity and they will have the courage to manage the difficulties after marriage. These are the common health problems faced by every adolescent and proper preventive measures should be taken to control those health problems.

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