Master your Mental Health

Master your Mental Health

Do you want to be healthy? Certainly, yes! Are you …

Why people give importance to health?

Why people give importance to health?

Health is the main important thing in one person, we …

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What’s the need for a healthy body?

A healthy body is the most important thing to all; …

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How to identify a healthy person?

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Master your Mental Health

Do you want to be healthy? Certainly, yes!

Are you willing to work for it? Maybe, Maybe not

Do you want to be mentally healthy? Of course, I am…..

Are you willing to work for it?


Many people wait till they get a slap from life’s ups and downs to realize that they lack mental health and stability. We normally go and consult a doctor once we become ill. I mean physically ill. Mere chest pain may even make us think that it’s the symptom of a heart attack. But we will never understand that our mind is at a chronic stage even if we have sleep disorders for weeks or months. We resist till we get doomed to stress and depression. Even after knowing that they have serious mental issues people are not ready to change their lifestyle suited for them.

We are familiar with the physical body which is visible to others. But have we at least once checked the mental, emotional and spiritual self that exists within us? When we hear the word health, we normally think about our organs, skin, hair, and so on. We are a mix of physical mental, intellectual and spiritual layers. Any problem that affects any of these layers may spread to another layer also. The aches, pains, and discomfort are not only for the physical layer. It has other terms like stress, anxiety, and depression when it comes to the mental layer. To lead a blissful stress-free healthy and peaceful life we need good physical and mental health.

How to maintain and improve your mental health? When you think about your physical health and fitness, most probably you may hit the gym followed by a nutritious diet. The special feature of our human body is that whatever matters your physical body in one way or another way acts on other layers too.

Let’s have a mind talk now. If you are stressed first and foremost relax. How to relax? There are 100 techniques to make your body and mind soothe and de-stress.

Yoga and Meditation

Utilize the very first hour of a day to do yoga and meditation. Sit comfortably, relax your spine, think of nothing and know your inner self. There is good mind relaxing asanas in yoga which can help you with physical flexibility and mental. Doing dynamic movements linking body and breath helps to calm the body and mind. Meditation will help you to focus on one point and helps to deviate from the distractions. Once you start make this a routine way of your life. Yoga helps to create harmony between mental and physical health.


A burst of good laughter has a great effect to lighten your mood. It improves blood circulation, stimulates your heart, and soothes your tension. Find a way to laugh and share the laugh with others. It is scientifically proven that laughter decreases pain, increases personal satisfaction, and improves your mood.


Sleep reduces your stress. The damaged brain cells will get repaired during sleep. Try to get a continuous sleep of almost 6 hours a day. Get time to introspect before you sleep. Your nervous activity slows down when you sleep, it gets time to relax. The levels of cortisol get lower and you feel less stressed. Sleep helps to release cytokines which are needed for our immunity system

Be positive

If you are a person who cannot focus and control what you think and have a lineage towards negative thoughts and anxiety, you are in great danger. It creates self-doubt in you and you start thinking about your identity

Never Compare

Comparison is a crime that we develop from our childhood. If you want to be happy live on your own. You cannot determine your value based on others. Everyone is unique. Everyone has a different path, whether you reach it easily or not is not a matter to be worried about.

Talk positively

Surround yourself with positive talk from people. A positive talk may relieve you from the tension you had for days. If you are not having good friends and people around you to talk to, talk to your inner voice. It helps you to pick up yourself from where you have fallen.
It increases your self-esteem and confidence.

Reduce your media time

Social media is a great platform for people to communicate, whilst it grabs our privacy and makes us jealous and insecure. People tend to live their life for the likes shares and comments alone. Virtual has succeeded real and normal. Detox yourself from technology for a while and enjoy reading a book in the lap of nature sipping a cup of hot tea.

Nature walk

Feel the fresh air and walk, do not take it as a compulsion or a part of fitness. Let it be 5 minutes walk.it helps to release endorphins. Enjoy every bit of nature and walk.it helps you to escape to a soft quiet and lonely environment.

Get sunshine

Vitamin D helps you to ward off depression. So why not get the rays of gold from the sun. It helps you fight against bone diseases and is needed for muscle strength and immunity. It aids in regulating your moods positively. Scientific studies have proven that lower levels of vitamin d can cause anxiety and stress in people.

Eliminate bad habits

If you have the habit of smoking and consuming alcohol, try to quit as fast as possible. These habits may give you short-term pleasure but they may affect your mental emotional and physical health. Once addicted it takes much time to get rid of these vice pleasures.

Keep a diary

Entry all your feelings, pleasures, pains into a diary. A diary can be a good friend who keeps your all secrets. It gives you a connection that no human can offer. Writing a diary makes us guilt-free and boosts self-discipline. We become aware of ourselves when we write and will never miss out on anything that stressed us prior. It helps you to go for a better decision when you counter a similar problem.

Ultimately give importance to yourself, NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR VALUE, only you can change yourself, so the task is on you.

Why Mental Health is Important?

Mental health affects one’s thinking, speaking, and acting according to the situation. For the development of a human being, mental health is needed at all stages of life right from childhood to adulthood. Mental health is not related to mental illness. A person with poor mental health will not face mental illness and vice versa.

Factors that cause mental health problems

Many factors cause mental health problems in human beings. They include biological reasons such as brain chemicals or genes. Life experiences in the past and family history are responsible for causing mental health problems. When a person underwent any childhood trauma or abuse are highly vulnerable to the situations and they will try to find an isolated place all the time and they hate to mingle with other members. Those life experiences will cause a drastic effect on the mental health of an individual.

Symptoms of having mental health problems

Mental health problems are more common among people. A person who feels disturbed can contact a counselor to overcome their trouble. If you want to find out a person who is suffering from a mental health problem, here is a list of symptoms that can be found in a mentally unwell person. A mentally unwell person will sleep too much or no sleep at all. In the same way, their appetite circle will also be affected. Either they eat too much or eat very little. They will keep themselves away from normal people and they tend to avoid normal activities that make them engage with people. They always seek an isolated place by avoiding the crowd. A mentally unwell person will soon feel tired and have no energy to put up with the circumstances. They will feel helplessness and they seem to have lost all the hopes of a positive life. A depressed person will use drugs, keeps smoking, and consuming alcohol more than the usual level. They will face mixed emotions, where they will face unnecessary confusion, they will forget things more often, gets angry at petty things, or even be worried or scared over unwanted things. A mentally unwell person keeps thinking about the past and they can’t get over it. These thoughts may be a pleasant one or a disturbing one, based on the situation. In either case, struck to the past is a major issue. They will constantly hallucinate about some voices that are heard by them alone. These voices will be highly disturbing. They will start to believe what these voices are saying after a certain level. They will end up harming themselves or hurting others when they remain untreated over time. They cannot do routine works like getting ready and going to school or work.

How to improve Positive Mental Health?

A person with positive mental health will keep the person optimistic in every situation. They will realize their full potential and will work according to it or will work hard to develop their potential. Their working ability will be productive and they know very well to cope up with the stresses in life. Wherever these people are, they will make their surroundings happy and they will pass on positivity to other people through their communication and physical skills.

How to attain positive mental health?

Whenever a person feels he is losing his composure and getting into a negative vibration, he may conduct a professional counselor to seek help. Getting enough sleep will make the mental health problems run away from a person. When the person gets proper sleep, he will be more active. When he is active, he will get involved in many physical activities and actively engage among his peer groups. Proper sleep, active interaction with peer groups, staying positive, helping, and connecting with others all prove to be improving the positive mental health of an individual and improves positive personal relationships.

How mental illness is caused?

Mental illness is caused by various biological factors like heredity or genetic lineage. Many mental health-oriented problems are caused by heredity. If a family member is found to have a mental illness, the genetic features of that person will get carried away to the next generation. When that genetic information is carried away to the next generation, the person will have mental illness and they will find it difficult to cop-up with his fellow people. Scientists believe that mental illness is caused by abnormalities in a persons’ gene. Mental illness is caused by the intersection of more genes and the interaction of such genes will cause many mental problems like stress, depression, traumatic events that stimulate the suppressed feeling and causes sudden anxiety and stress among people. Mental illness is also caused by the abnormal balance of the brain chemicals that communicates with each other. Those information transmitters are the neurotransmitters that help in communication with the brain cells and pass information and are responsible for creating stimulus in human beings. If these neurotransmitters are disturbed, then the information will not pass correctly to the brain cells and it results in mental illness. When there is any injury around the brain area also causes mental illness.

Importance of Mental Health

Mental health is the important thing to focus on in a human being when he is feeling stressed or depressed. Mental health plays an important role in directing the person towards the right path. Mental health will affect a person’s emotional and behavioral changes. A healthy mental state is necessary to maintain and balance all the difficult situations in everyone’s life. If a person is mentally unstable, it will affect the overall outcome of his productivity. He will have poor performance in his school and working place and will lack the interest in doing things and engaging with people. If one wants to go up in their career, he will have to focus on mental health and seek experts’ advice whenever he feels disturbed. It will help to be free of stress and depression and helps them to improve their focus on what they want. Hence, mental health is important for a human being to be successful.