Is Stress a Major Problem?

Is Stress a Major Problem?

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Stress is the major problem faced by many people around the world. Stress is the feeling of physical or emotional tension in people. Stress can be caused by any event that makes a person feel frustrated, nervous, or angry. Stress causes the psychological strain to change and makes the body respond to anything that seeks attention or any immediate action.

What causes stress in people?

Stress is caused by many factors that make a person emotionally responsive to the situation. The main reason that causes stress is work pressure and emotional relationships. Everyone likes to earn money and become rich in a short period. So, they are ready to do work hard, if it fetches them life with complete luxury. To make more money, people start to work hard and overtime without taking an effort to relax or allotting time to focus on their well-being. The need to submit their works within the deadline and constant work pressure is the major reason that makes people stressed. Another important stress-causing factor is an emotional relationship. If a person has problems with their partner and they always have some sort of misunderstanding then it will create roots to the rise of stress. The financial crisis is another important reason that causes stress among individuals. The need for money is a common thing among human beings. But the reason for earning more money varies from person to person. Some will earn money to spend luxuriously in their free time and others will have a valid reason to earn money and not everyone is successful in making more money. When they have a problem in making money, there arises stress. Some people get stressed if they are made to face big changes all of a sudden. They may lack the confidence to adapt themselves to the new surroundings or situation. Constant worrying about something makes a person stressed. If one keeps thinking about a certain thing that makes him worried, it will cause stress, and having more responsibilities is also a root cause for stress in many cases. The responsibility to take care of the family members and the responsibility to complete a job at the right time and many other responsibilities are also stress-causing factors. As for how work pressure increases stress among individuals, in the same way, having no work to do also causes stress. If one feels he is worth nothing and he can’t find a proper job, then there are chances for him to be a victim of stress. Lack of sleep is also one of the major reasons for stress.

How to find a person who is stressed?

When a person is stressed, he will lack interest in everything around him. He will feel irritated all day long. Some may feel overwhelmed by even petty things. Stress affects the well-being of an individual causing physical and mental problems to human beings. When a person is stressed, he may feel pain in the head, muscles, chest, or stomach. Overstress causes headaches in most people. Overstressed causes digestive problems. Stress causes a major change in blood pressure level and affects the heartbeat rate. Mentally stress can affect a person by causing sleeping problems. A stressed person either has trouble sleeping or will suffer from oversleeping. A stressed person will have a problem with concentration and memory skills. A stressed state will finally end in depression. A person with stress will have noticeable changes in their behavior. It may be a little change in their eating habits or a drastic change that will cause him to mutilate himself. They will have increased irrational fear and anxiety. They will find themselves getting isolated from their friends and family members. An extreme state of stress induces the idea of suicide. They keep on hurting others with words or through their actions. A highly stressed person will face difficulties in completing their usual works and they will have a poor performance in their workplace. Heaviness in the chest and physical pain are notable symptoms of stress. They will have a low energy level and will easily get tired often. A stressed person will be bad at making decisions.

Tips to Manage Stress

Stress can be highly reduced by following few easy steps. The primary stress-relieving way is to do exercise. Exercise helps in improve concentration and focus on what one is doing. If the person focuses more on exercise during the workout time, he will not think about other stress-causing factors and once he has done the workout, he may feel refreshed and relaxed and this will help him in getting new ideas to solve the crisis that causes stress. Doing exercise for about an hour is highly effective in maintaining both physical and mental health. The next important tip to reduce stress is taking proper massages in relaxing one’s mind and muscles. Allotting time for a proper hobby is highly effective in reducing stress. Be it an outdoor sport or a card game with friends will greatly improve the person’s state of mind. Reading is the best hobby for the ones with high mental pressure. Reading helps the reader to forget his problems for some time as he will be in the world of the book until he completes that specific book. Maybe, the person may find a proper solution for his problem from the book he is reading. It is a highly effective tool to reduce stress. The best solution to free from stress is to share the problem with a family member or a friend. Sharing helps the person to feel at ease and comfortable and he will feel a lot better once a person shares his troubles with the most trusted person in his life. If a person lacks a confidential person in his life, then he may consult a counselor and share his feelings. There is no need to worry about privacy because every counselor will make sure to maintain the privacy of their clients. By undertaking the above-said measures, one can reduce stress from becoming a major problem in the upcoming future.

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