What causes stress and how to overcome it?

What causes stress and how to overcome it?

Stress is the state of experiencing emotional and physical tension over a situation or an incident. Stress will make a person more frustrated, angrier, and nervous even for simpler things. Stress is felt by emotionally weak people. They don’t have the mental strength to deal with the sudden changes in their life and this makes them feel stressed out over little things. There is not a particular reason that makes a person stressed. It will change according to the person’s mentality and strength and courage to face challenges and new situations. This article discusses various factors that cause stress in human beings and how to manage and overcome them. Its further deals with the outcome of stress if it is left untreated.

Causes for stress

Stress can be caused by numerous factors. But the most common reason for stress is being under a lot of pressure at the workplace or even in educational institutions. When a person is asked to perform something suddenly, he will get the fear of doing that work immediately and they will engage themselves in completing the work within the allotted time. If the work is not done within the allotted time, he will gradually develop the pressure in himself as he fears what will happen if he left the work incomplete when the time is over. The lack of the ability to manage pressure will make a person stressed out even for petty things. Another important factor that causes stress is the sudden big change in one’s life. When a person loses the closest person in his life all of a sudden, he will undergo depression and lose interest in almost everything. This is because of his inability to cope up with the space created by that specific person. It may mentally affect a person and he will be stressed as he will take more time to find such a person again in his life. Be it a friend, family member, life partner, whoever it be if the person leaves it is impossible to fill that vacuum created by them. The next reason for stress is thinking over something that makes a person sad. Some people are out there who keep thinking about the past and they will be immersed in their past. They keep worrying about the things that they have lost in due course of time and this will make a person stressed. Another reason for stress is the inability to have things under control. When something happens for a person that he has least expected, it will make him depressed and will take more time to come out of that situation. When we study the person who is having stress, they will share a common reason as responsibility. Having more responsibilities to fulfill and satisfy the needs of every family member is a tedious process. When the person fails to fulfill his responsibilities, he will be stressed. The financial crisis is another important reason for developing stress. When a person has no job to do and is financially not well balanced, it will make him feel inferior and he may fall into the hands of depression. When a person is sick, he will be having more health-related problems and his dependency on other people will greatly increase the stress of the affected people.

How to manage stress?

A person should follow certain techniques and practices to makes himself free from stress. When a person feels stressed, it is advised to do workouts for at least an hour. A heavy workout will help the person to be more focused. He will have a sense of relief after he finishes his workout. Exercising is the best practice to make a person both mentally and physically healthy. Another technique is to take some time for hobbies. It is always good to develop a hobby that will help in maintaining the proper well-being of a person. Be it playing indoor and outdoor games, or reading books and gardening. Whatever the hobby be, it is important to regularly allocate some time for the hobby. Apart from regular work, hobbies will help in relaxing the mind and makes a person feel fresh upon regular practice. Having proper sleep is another important practice to manage stress. When a person lacks sleep, he will have trouble doing his regular activities. Lack of sleep will cause mental imbalance and will result in less productivity in working places. Proper attention should be given to sleeping at regular intervals and at right time is important. Last but not least practice to manage stress is to share the problems with others. When a problem is shared with others, he may help the stressed person to come out of his problem with his ideas. Those ideas, at times, could help manage stress. Stress is increased when a person feels there is none to share his feelings and emotions with. Be it a friend or an expert counselor, sharing reduces the problem in half and makes the person relaxed and stress-free. Apart from these practices, having proper healthy food doing regular massages, and taking a break at regular intervals during heavy work will also be effective in managing stress.

How to reduce stress quickly?

When a person wants to reduce stress immediately, he can go for a little walk to feel relaxed. Listening to music will be greatly effective in reducing stress. The tune and the music beats will boost the mood of a person almost immediately when a song is being played. Practicing meditation and yoga will help in controlling fear, anxiety, and depression. However, when a person is stressed, he can do simple breathing exercises to control his emotions almost instantly. If the stress is caused due to working for continuous hours, then that person can take a break for few minutes to free up his mind from the work pressure. Under stressful conditions, the person can play with pets to reduce his stress. Pets and kids are the best medicine to reduce stress gradually. A person can undertake any of these practices to control and reduce stress.

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