Role of Sleep in maintaining good health?

Role of Sleep in maintaining good health?

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Sleep plays a major role in maintaining good health. Sleep helps in the proper functioning of the heart and blood vessels. Lack of sleep results in various health ailments like heart disease, diabetes, increased blood pressure, and more. Lack of sleep will also cause obesity. Getting proper sleep at the right hours will help in maintaining mental and physical health. Proper sleep also helps in enhancing the quality of life. The human body works in supporting healthy brain function when a person is asleep. Sleep deficiency will raise the risk of chronic health problems and it also affects a person’s thinking ability and his capability of getting along with others.

Importance of Good Sleep

During sleep, the brain is prepared for the new things that are about to happen the next day. It is proven that sleep helps in improving the learning ability of an individual. Be it any skill, sleep helps in effective learning of new things because a properly slept individual can have a better focus and attention towards things and it aids in making proper decisions. Lack of sleep will result in depression and affects the person in controlling their emotional behavior. For children and teens, proper sleeping is highly essential. If any child or a teenager fails to get sleep, he may have difficulty getting along well with others. They face mood swings and may fall into the trap of depression. Deep sleep activates the release of certain hormones that are necessary for growth in children and teens. Lack of sleep will make a person more prone to common infections as it decreases the activities of the immune system. Getting proper sleep helps a person to be more active and aids him in performing well in his field. Without enough sleep, the person tends to do more mistakes as he has no focus on work.

How much sleep is necessary for attaining a healthy state?

The amount of sleep for a person changes throughout life. An infant of 4 – 12 months of age will need 12-16 hours of sleep per day. And gradually, the time of sleep decreases to 7 – 8 hours per day when the infant reaches adulthood. Decreasing the sleep time and compensating that sleep on other days is not an effective solution for sleeping deprivation. This long-term sleep-deprived state will affect the body’s routine and it will affect the person badly. If a person feels restless even after sleeping for 8 hours is also a kind of disorder and it is important to consult a doctor under such conditions.

Benefits of getting proper sleep

When a person gets enough sleep, his immune system will be boosted. The immune cells and proteins get proper rest and they will fight infections like cold and flu and makes a person healthy. American Academy of Sleep Medicine suggested that sleep helps the vaccines to be more effective. When a person doesn’t get enough sleep, he will be stressed throughout the following day until he gets proper sleep. Lack of sleep releases cortisol, which triggers the heart to work harder. As to how the immune system needs rest, the heart also needs rest for its proper functioning. If a person sleeps well, the hormones ghrelin (appetite-stimulating hormone) and leptin (appetite-suppressing hormone) are kept in balance and it results in taking essential foods. Good sleepers will tend to eat fewer calories than those who lack sleep. Good sleep increases the athletic performance of individuals. It is not necessarily to be a sportsman but any person who is having enough sleep is more reactive to surroundings and situations and is more active and conscious of the situations. When a person lacks sleep, he is at the risk of having heart disease. The duration of sleep is highly important in maintaining a healthy life. Sleeping helps in awakening the memory of human beings. If something is learned when a person is awake, the brain practices that when the person is asleep and it helps in improving the memory of the person. Proper sleep helps to live longer than those who are deprived of sleep. Sleep prevents the production of inflammatory proteins that are responsible to cause heart diseases, arthritis, and stroke. Proper sleep helps in improving the creativity of the person. Sleep strengthens the emotional components of a memory during sleep and helps the individual to be more creative when he slept well. Sleep helps in controlling stress and blood pressure in individuals.

How to induce sleep?

Sleep can be induced by maintaining a regular bedtime among children. Not using children’s room for other activities and letting them sleep peacefully at night is the most primary thing in maintaining proper sleep timing. Not extending the sleeping time on weekends is of prime importance. Listening to music is proving to be an effective way of inducing sleep. A piece of good sedative music helps in inducing good and deep sleep. Numerous sleep-inducing music is available on various platforms and one can listen to them to have deep sleep.

A comfortable mattress and temperature of the room are equally important to have a deep sleep. Proper sleeping position and relaxing the muscles are effective for good sleep. It is important to do workouts during day time and not looking at the artificial lights is important. Artificial lights include the light from laptops, television, and mobile phones. When the person looks at the mobile or laptop during the night, these artificial lights will make the brain consider that it is the time to be awake. Then the brain will be awake and never helps the person in getting proper sleep. So, it is advised to not use any artificial light sources like mobile phones and so on before one hour of sleep. When you are in bed, try to think of positive things and happy moments instead of thinking about stressful moments and fall into the hands of depression. A happy memory will ease the mental health and relax the person and thus he can get proper sleep. By using all these methods, one can get proper sleep to achieve a healthy life.

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