Why Dieting is Important?

Why Dieting is Important?

March 17, 2021 Diet 0

People around the world are facing numerous health problems due to improper food habits. When a person follows proper dieting habits, he reduces the risk of becoming a host to most diseases. To know about a balanced diet, we should know what is dieting at the first hand. A proper or balanced diet includes all the essential nutrients available in the food. The food shouldn’t be rich in one particular nutrition and lack the other nutrients. It should necessarily contain all the nutrients in a balanced amount. Those unavoidable nutrients include vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, good fats, and fibers in equal proportion. All these nutrients can be taken from meat, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

How to make a balanced diet?

A properly balanced diet has all the essential nutrients needed for the proper functioning of the human body. In dieting, the food is measured by the calories they provide. The calorie is the energy contained in a portion of food. Calories are converted into energy while doing physical works like walking, breathing, drinking, and even during drinking. The number of calories that are needed to be consumed by an individual differs from a person based on their activity level and their age. An active child of 2-8 years of age needs 1000-1400 calories. And an active person will need 2000-3000 calories of food regularly. It is enough to maintain a proper healthy state of a person. These calories can be obtained from fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, meat, nuts, and legumes. Some foods will provide more calories and less nutrition. Such foods are cakes, cookies, ice creams, pizzas, sodas, processed meat, fruit drinks, and energy drinks. All these foods are rich in calories and low in nutrition. It is wise to avoid eating those foods that are rich in calories with low nutrition. All these foods are not completely unhealthy, but a homemade pizza with personalized healthy toppings will be a good choice than the regular pizzas bought in stores. To achieve good health, it is important to consume foods that have high nutrition than calories.
A balanced diet can be made by using highly nutritious grains, nuts, fresh fruits (seasonal fruits are highly preferable), and vegetables. A non-vegan will have meat, egg, fish, beans, and nuts that are rich in protein. Vegans can make alternative foods that provide the same nutrition as meat and fish. It is always important to have fiber-rich foods in the diet.

What are foods to be avoided when dieting?

While dieting, certain foods should be avoided for better health. The most important thing to be avoided during dieting is the addition of refined sugar and salt in whatever food they are having. Highly processed foods are better to be avoided. Foods with high-fat contents are never the better option during dieting. A food that is suitable for one person may not be effective for the other person. A person may have allergies to certain food and their body will have an adverse reaction when they are taken. Before getting into a diet, it is important to note that the dieting list is suitable for his health and body condition.

Importance of having a diet

A proper diet will help in boosting up the immunity system of an individual. It keeps a person away from various infections and diseases. A balanced diet will help in preventing diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and stroke which are long-term diseases. It helps in maintaining a healthy weight among individuals. When a person is sick, a proper diet will help in recovering from the illness quicker than usual. Obesity can be prevented by maintaining a proper diet. A person can never gain weight or lose weight when he is dieting. Instead, dieting helps in maintaining a healthy weight, controls it, and maintains the weight over a long time till the dieting is continued. Dieting also helps in maintaining mental health. When a person eats healthy will get proper sleep at night and this will make him free from stress and anxiety. When the person is relaxed and healthy, he will never get any symptoms of depression and thus the right mixture of healthy nutrients will help in maintaining mental health greatly. A balanced diet is essential for growth. As growth is related to children, it is important to note that children will need more calories as they are constantly engaging in more physical activities like playing games with friends and they keep themselves busy by doing many things. So, the nutrients are quickly absorbed by the cells and they need more attention when giving high nutrients to children. The children need to take highly nutritious food and parents have to be more cautious about it. Proper diet helps in the growth of children at the right place. Another important benefit of dieting is, intake of the right nutrients will help in making the skin glow. Glowing skin means a person is healthy. A proper diet helps in improving skin health and in hair growth, makes them glow, and helps the person to look younger.

Is Dieting Alone Enough?

Most people misunderstand that mere dieting will help in reducing body weight and makes them healthy. But the truth is, dieting should be accompanied by physical exercises to improve the system function. Mere dieting will be effective but not at all times. Proper dieting with regular workouts is proved to be effective in many cases. Though dieting helps in improving immunity and bringing mental peace, the workout is also crucial in maintaining both physical and mental health. Intake of calories without proper exercises will never be a good choice. Workout helps in shedding the extra calories that are stacked up in our bodies. If the calories are burned effectively, there will be proper usage of available energy in the human body. Dieting helps in the intake of a proper number of calories and workout makes the calories break down and convert them into energy and makes the person more active. Thus dieting is effective when it is accompanied by proper exercise or workouts.

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